Edgar A. Harthman

Edgar "Ed" or "Fred" Harthman, 85, of Sarasota, Fla., formerly of St. Thoma, passed peacefully in his sleep on October 27, 2014. Edgar was born to Sammy and Rhoda Harthman on Tortola.

The funeral and burial will be at 2 p.m. Saturday at St. John's Abbey Church, Collegeville, Minn. Edgar had many fond memories of his beloved St. John's University, where he met his wife, Elizabeth, who is a graduate of the College of St. Benedict, class of 1952. Edgar worked for Fr. Martin Schirber as his secretary, then Dean of St. John's University. Nov. 1 is the day he would have turned 86. It is only fitting as this was and always will be his day. His resting place will be among the peace and tranquility of the evergreens and waters around St. John's Alumni Cemetery.

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Denis Joseph Bryan

Services will be held Monday for Denis Joseph Bryan, better known as "Denico" or "Pops," of Agnes Fancy who died on Oct. 26, 2014.

He was born on St. Thomas to Harry and Elidia Bryan.

The viewing will be at 9 a.m. Monday at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church with the service following at 10 a.m.

The remains will be cremated.

He is survived by his wife, Clementine "Tina" Bryan; daughter, Ruby Goad, sons, Andrew, Matthew, Barry, Kelly and Cory Bryan; son-in-law, Steve Goad; daugthers-in-law, Gaby, Kelly O'Brien and Tracie Bryan; grandchildren, Anthony Sibilly-Juarez, Miranda Goad, Monica, Timothy, Meagan, Noah, Nicholas, Jonathan, and Dylan Bryan; sisters, Josephine and Donecia Ledee; brothers, Bernard and Leon Bryan; and many other relatives and friends too numerous to mention.

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Michael Hall

Michael Hall passed away peacefully in his sleep at eight bells of the middle watch on Oct. 1, 2014, in Lake Chapala, Mexico, at the age of 82 with wife, Dona, by his side.

The story of Michael's life is a fabulous one, full of great adventures, challenges and achievements. Capt. Michael Hall, or Capt. Mike, as he was known was born Aug. 2, 1932, in Bexley Heath, Kent, England, to parents Harry and Dorothy Hall. As a child he lived through adventures from World War II. He was evacuated from London during the blitz and sent to the far north of the United Kingdom and his brother, John, to the West.

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Nathaniel Glasgow

We announce the death of Nathaniel Glasgow, better known as Trine, who died Oct. 17, 2014, at the age of 73.

The viewing will be at Holy Family Church on Tuesday at 9 a.m., with a service to follow at 10 a.m. at the same location.

Interment is at Western Cemetery No. 3.

He left behind his wife, Veronique Glasgow; four stepsons, Henry Tavernier, Fabian Tavernier, Davidson Tavernier Sr., and Larry Jno-Baptiste; seven step grandchildren, Davidson Tavernier Jr., Ja'harry Tavernier, Gamy & Gabby Tavernier, Jaden and Jordan Alexander, and Jace Jno-Baptiste; three nieces; two nephews in Trinidad; one brother-in-law and his wife, as well as five children in Florida; one sister-in-law in Martinique and her three daughters; and a sister-in-law in Dominica with her three children; one special niece, Shirlen Tavernier, and her husband, who reside in St. Thomas; and his friend, Adam Dolly in Trinidad.

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Glenel Thomas

Services will be held Friday for Glenel "Cojo" Thomas.

The first viewing is from 5 to 7 p.m. Thursday at Turnbull's Funeral Home.

The second viewing is at 9 a.m. Friday at Turnbull's Funeral Home, with the service at 10 a.m. at the same location.

Interment is at Eastern Cemetery.

He is survived by his mother, Veronique Baron; wife, Victoria Thomas; son, Francis, Glenson, Patrickson, Jason, Glenville "Glenbo," Re-Al, and Devon Thomas; daughters, Jacqueline Thomas-Schaefer, Nicasie Thomas-Grant, Haytheline, Kendra and Jovitta Thomas; sisters, Geraldine Baron, Patricia "Ras" Duplesis, Sylvia and Elaine Thomas; brother, Alvin & Jones Baron, Bernard, Collins & Heskeith Thomas Jr.; aunt, Molly Bramble; uncles, Lawrence Phillip & Louis Bramble; grandchildren, Alisa & Zalika Thomas, Tamisha Pierre, Jahwuna Harrigan, Nikeisha Grant, Justin Harrigan, Karisha Grant, Dimitree Thomas, Imani Grant, Keiandra Francois, Jasonique Thomas, Kiara Grant, Ja'Sante Thomas, Keiandre Francois and Zoriyah Skye Thomas; 15 nieces, Nadine John, Tessa Baron, Dessa Bedminister, Tricia Richardson, Vincia, Karin & Kiana Baron, Micharla Thomas-Matthew, Elsa Thomas-Rucks, Celia "Carrina" Thomas, Shermaine, Samantha, Gail Thomas, Ishma, Louie and Kery Remey; nephews, Kunta, Kevin, Kenyon Baron, Kyle Thomas, Lopez Thomas, Fitzroy Etienne, Sevon Remey; daughter-in-laws, Simone & Dennetra Thomas; sons-in-law, Paul Schaefer & Karim Grant; sisters-in-law,Vallery Thomas & Shelia Baron; close friends, Hugh Denis, Richardson Dangleben, George Abraham, Gloria Nicholas, Arnold Johnson, Austin Alexander, John Bellot, Patrick Athanaze, Lindo Pierre, Cyril St. Luce, Lucas Anslem, Dennis Merrifield, BehZoe, John-Baptiste Pharoah, Eric Fontaine, Gerald Castor; cousins, Nathalie, Teresa, Vania, Ron, Tomam, Raymond, Buelah, Tony, Lisa, Jacqueline, Sandra, Leatitia Bedminister, Annabelle Tonge, Rosemond Francis, T-Rock; special friends, Tisis, Doreen, Eugenia Alexander, Abina St. Hilaire, Claymace, Enica "Faah" Tavenier, Fernell George, Jeanne Sharplis, Eleanor Grant & the Allamby family; and other relatives and friends here and in Dominica who are too numerous to mention.

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Una L. Sprauve Testamark-Thompson

Services will be held Saturday, Oct. 25, for Una L. Sprauve Testamark-Thompson.

The first viewing is from 5 to 7 p.m. Friday at Turnbull's Funeral Home.

The second viewing is at 9 a.m. Oct. 25 at Frederick Lutheran Church, with the service at 10 a.m. at the same location.

Interment is at Western Cemetery No. 2.

She is survived by her children, Eudacia Testamark, Eldred "Edgie" Christian, Orthniel Thompson, Ralph "Chicken" Thompson, Gilmore "Sonny" "Mandingo" Thompson, Freda "Girlie" Thompson-Rivera, Glenford "Glen" Thompson, Esonia Thompson, Sigismund "Abede" Thompson, Christian V. "Obango" Thompson Jr.;siblings, Freda Testamark-Martinez and Olive Testamark; sister-in-laws, Mrs. Elodia Thompson-Davis, Crystalia Testamark; daughter-in-laws, Jewel Thompson, Margaret Thompson, Nancy Thompson, Beverly Thompson-Rivera, Jennifer Peters-Rivera, Yvette Smalls-Joseph, Sherylyn Rainey, Tamara Thompson, Serana Johnson; son-in-laws, Steven Andrews, Troy Gillispie, Mark Gainford, Vincent Abner, Roberto Couvertier Jr., Charles Barr; grandchildren, Jeffery Fredericks, Janet 'Jae' Margetson, Jackie Margetson-Nelthrope, Walston Javis, Winston Javis, Presto Christian, Cyd C. Christian-Smith, Tyrone D. Christian Sr. (D), Kevin Christian, Margaret Christian, Vaughn Christian, Sofia Thompson-Gainford of England, Joaqunia Thompson-Abner, Juan Thompson Clendinen of Connecticut, Osmundo Thompson of Arizona, Troy T. Thompson, Clifton Joseph, Hud Thompson, Dylan Thompson, Shavon Thompson-Rodney, Avon Thompson, Gilmore Thompson Jr., Cleon Hernandez, Anna M. Rivera, Carlos J. Rivera Jr., Pedro J. Rivera, Raphael F. Rivera, Angelica Rivera-Gillispie, Elfreda L. Rivera, Clayton E. Boyce, Collette E. Boyce, David A. Boyce III, Glenford Thompson Jr., Shantel Thompson, Brittany Thompson, Anikia Thompson, Lawrence Larson Jr., Lawrencia Larcen; great-grandchildren, Gerald Fredericks, LaQuanda Fredericks, Emmanuel Nelthrope, Zachery Nelthrope, Kellyn Nelthrope, Micha Nelthrope, Kalel Blanford, Julena Jarvis, Joshua Jarvis, Ariel Jarvis, Arielo Jarvis, Kalea Jarvis, Kahmori Jarvis, Trenelle Grigsby, Michael Christian, Renaldo A. Smith, D'Angelo R. Smith, Tyrone D. Christian Jr., Tiniqua D. Christian, Makin D. Christian, The'Ron D. Christian, Shamoi Christian, Kemo Christian, Malcolina S. (Robert) Couvertier Jr., Richard A (Serena) Johnson Jr., Michelle S. (Charles) Barr, Rebecca S. Johnson, Kevin M. Thompson, Troy T. Thompson Jr., Terrelle Thompson, Clifton Joseph Jr., Kennice Rodney, Walton Rodney, Pierson Rodney, Shanieka Lee, Samuel Lee, Sharice Lee, Jasmine Caldwell, J'Nisha L. Rivera, J'Mia L. Rivera, Pedro Rivera Jr., Henrietta C. Harris, Jheilesha P. Rivera, Shakeria Rivera, Trevonda Rivera, Raquel Rivera, Cherelle Rivera, G'Quesia Rivera, Raphael Rivera Jr., Gabriella E. Rivera, Isabella E. Rivera, Roshawn A. Cameron, Renique A. Cameron, Romel A. Cameron, Romar A. Cameron, Tyriq N. Gillispie, Jolecia Brutus, J'Quan Rivera, Malkoya Rivera, Malkoy Rivera, Resha Boyce, Empress Boyce, Sabria Boyce, Dante T. Remy, Jakoya S. Boyce, Jahkoy A. Boyce, Jakori E. Boyce, Quinton L. Boyce, Krishea, Kayla, and Jyden Thompson; great-great-grandchildren, Tristan K. Smith, Ariyah, Marcel, Eliyas, Caleb, Kyael Geurra, Jeremiah Couvertier, Juda Couvertier, Nathaniel Couvertier, Jazzper, Justice, Deshon, Sarah Jhalin Burnes, Daeyoni W Lee, Keith Walker Jr., Ky' mani Lee, Daeshani Lee, D'Mari Jordan, M'Syah Jordan, K'lyb Jordan, Christian Tucker, Christopher Tucker, Aaron Andrews, Ca'Lijah E. Hutchinson, Ca'Leel R. Harris, Terrance R. Goodlow Jr., Ja'Kyliah Rivera, Derrick Flowers, Ja'Karie Ray, Rihanna Lake, Ja'Zaria Keitt, Ja'Sontae Patterson, Ja'Quez Patterson, Cadence Rivera, Josiah A. Dale; nieces, Mrs. Etla Hoheb-Gaskin, Mrs. Altagracia Hoheb-Bennette, Michelle Esdale, Zerene Testamark, Rita Testamark, Deborah Testamark-Bradley, Bernice Testamark-Brawley, Judith Testamark-Hodge, Dora Testamark, Winnie Testamark, Carmen Martinez-Skinner, Angela Martinez-Mohammed, Arona "Vero" Testamark-Petteh, Alacia Callwood; nephews, George Hoheb, Quirt Stevens, Keith Stevens, Turgard Stevens, Jomo "Hyba" Stevens, Robert Stevens, Esquado Stevens, Joseph Testamark, Melvin Testamark Sr., Julien Testamark, Wayne Testamark Sr., Lionel Testamark, Edwin Testamark, Wilfred Testamark, Lucien Testamark, Shawn Testamark, Conrad Testamark Jr., Richard Testamark, Celwin Callwood, Calvin Testamark; great-nieces, Lacey Skinner , Laiya Skinner, Kareema Stevens, Kahilia Stevens, Sonisha Stevens, Reneshia Stevens, Ebonie Stevens, Kishan Stevens, Roberta Stevens, Kennema Stevens-Abraham, Niki Stevens, Pashan Stevens, Tafrfran Testamark, Volupte Testamark, Jill Testamark, Kishma Testamark, Elizabeth Testamark, Idalia Testamark, Parrice Testamark, Kendra Bullock, Helena Brady, Kaija Brooks, Pamella Hoheb, Kim Hoheb, Annette Hoheb, Schekura Stevens, Windy Corem, Gailene Francis-Varlack, Bridgette Hodge, Terecia Hodge, Shanna Hodge, Vernice Cyd, Makijah Crabbe, Ilijah Crabbe, DaJah Crabbe, DayNisha Crabbe, Kishma Stevens, Coral Nathaniel, Ninima, Kalyh Neltrope, Venus Hoheb, Jamelia Stevens, Nakalia Stevens, MyKayla Samuels, Onieke Hoheb, Ronekki Hoheb, Venus Hoheb, Shanika , Sharnel, Natalie , Tasha, Nia, and Semajah Testamark and Leona Brewley; great-nephews, Troy Testamark, Melvin Testamark Jr., Joseph Testamark Jr., Wayne Testamark Jr., Jashua Testamark, Javier Hodge, Tony Hodge, Rodney McBride, Travis Holland, Shawn Testamark Jr., Ray Francis, Gohombo Stevens, Takemo Fronip, Modebo Fronip, Jabaljah Crabbe, Na'Jah Crabbe, Kashka Stevens, Pete "Lil Pete" Stevens Jr., Tyou Stevens, Rehad Mohammed, Frank (Trea) Mohammed III, Shamoy Stevens, Tyrone Stevens, Darnell Stevens, Thuryan Stevens, Tasheem Stevens, Jahmara Cover, Randy Joseph, Sporty Hoheb, Ronnie Hoheb, Frankie Hoheb, Virgil Hoheb, Glenn Hoheb, Shane Dawson, Lucien ,Cory and Elisha Testamark ,Kenton and and Lester Brewley and Cymande Pratt; godchildren, Juel Gumbs, Dean Christian, Alfanso Lawerence, Juliette Fernidian, Simon Venzen, Steroy Delaney; adopted grandchildren, Lawrence Larson Jr. and Lawrence Larson; other close family members, the Sprauve family, the Thompson family, Mrs. Elodia Thompson-Davis & family, the Testamark family, the Anderson family, the Thomas family, the Baptiste family, the Boynes family, Corine De Castro & family, Theresia Stridiron & family; special friends, neighbors in Tu-Tu Valley, Crystalia Testamark, Gertrude Callwood, Gladys Broom; other special friends, Stanley and the Ten Sleepless Knights, James & Diania Hedrington, George Bess, Joyce Clark & family, Dorothy Elskoe & family, Elskoe & Associates Troupe, We From Up Street, Kenneth Mapp, Daryl Scott, Charlotte Oliver, the Friendly Circle, ELCA, Rocky Liburd, Edgar (Baker) Phillips, Tu-Tu Park U.S. Post Office Staff.

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Joseph Francis Rudinsky

Beloved husband, father and grandfather, Joseph "Joe" F. Rudinsky, 68, of Plantation, Fla., joined Our Father in heaven on October 11, 2014. While our hearts are broken by his passing, we rejoice at having had him in our lives.

Joe is survived by his wife of 48 years, Christina; son Joseph; daughters, Cecilia, Cynthia and Michelle; son-in-law, Maxwell; grandchildren, Maxwell Jr., Miranda, Kayla, Anton, and Danielle; and brothers, Roger and Martin.

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Glenn A. Williams

A memorial service will be held today for Glenn A. Williams, who died Sept. 27, 2014, at the age of 67.

The service is at 10 a.m. at John Thomas Memorial Chapel.

He is survived by his daughter, Glenda Renee Williams-Strong; sister, JoAnn Crabbe; uncles, Milton Potter, Richard "Snake" Potter, Henry Potter, Ernest "Sukie" Potter; grandchildren, Irvin, Dallas and Maurice Strong; niece, Shanel Jones; great-nieces, Asheema Davis, Akiya and Akyra Jarvis; nephew, Tyron Moon; special cousins, Shelby Potter, Esther Rabsatt-James, Stephie Potter, Beatrice "Lavie" Donadelle, Austin Potter Sr., Linda Serrano; and a host of other cousins; special friends, the CAHS Class of 1966, Verteran, Nisky Center; and special neighbor, Lorraine Foy.

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Godfrey Thomas

We announce the passing of Godfrey Thomas, also known as Fatman, age 70, who died Sept. 18, 2014.

The remains of Godfrey Thomas will be cremated.

He is survived by his wife, Peggy Martin; children, Roy "Snake," Troy "Spania," Judith Editha, Charmin and Charlene Thomas, Deborah and Rickey Robinson; sisters, Mary E. Thomas-Greenaway, Fluvia A. Thomas Cadogan and Doreen Thomas-Benjamin; brothers, Dean D. Thomas, aka Naed, Keith Thomas, aka Kebo, Melvin Thomas and Deon William Thomas; stepchildren, Leroy Forrester, Clara Miller-Brown, Niyocha Miller-Williams and Oden Tomlinson; nieces, Keisha Wilson, Dekeisha Thomas, Glennora Jackson, Jamelian Thomas, aka Kia, Jasmin V. Thomas-Blyden, Camisha Thomas, Latisha Benjamin D'Abreau; nephews, Larry, Jerry and Perry Industrious, Leroy Humphrey Jr., Keith Thomas Jr., Keri Thomas, Marlon Thomas Jr., Shawn Charles, Kareem Thomas, Gene Jackson, Melvin Joseph Jr., and Isiah Benjamin; brother-in-law, Edward Martin; sister-in-law, Shelly Thomas; grandchildren, Gabriel R. Thomas, Gabrielle Crystal Thomas, Niyah Devine Thomas, Johnathon Messaih Thomas, Decerii Superior Thomas, Ariel, Jenneca, Earl Jr., Kenneth, Joelle, Tyreke and Roneil Dawson, Glenn Swan, Hankeira Matthew, Leon, Melvin and Chamaree Daniel; special cousins, Conchita Benjamin, Sylvia and Sylvanita Thomas; great-aunt, Mary M. Thomas-Moore; great-uncles, Isaac (Tata), Richard and Lucas Thomas; special friends, Ras Reg, Tracy Ann Clarke Patrick and Shun McIntosh; and other loving relatives and friends too numerous to mention.

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Charles S. Sebastien Sr.

We announce the passing of Charles S. Sebastien Sr., who died Sept. 28, 2014, at the age of 93 at Schneider Hospital.

The viewing is from 5 to 7 p.m. Thursday at Turnbull's Funeral Home. The service will be at 11:30 a.m. Friday at Ss. Peter and Paul Cathedral. Interment is at the Western Cemetery No. 3.

He was preceded in death by his son, Richard Sebastien.

He leaves to mourn his wife of 66 years, Edris Sebastien; sons, Charles Sebastien Jr., Maurice Sebastien and Bryce Sebastien; daughter, Maritza Godwin; brother, Olivier Sebastien; sisters, Olive Sebastien and Elise Sebastien-Zephir; son-in-law, Alexander Godwin; daughters-in-law, Roberta A. Sebastien and Rita Sebastien; brother-in-law, Roy Francis; sisters-in-law, Noel F. Rabsatt and Asta Baker; grandchildren, Shiniko, Shenika and Shenice Sebastien, Nyesha and Makis Sebastien, Troy, Raja, and Alexander Godwin, Natasha, Cedra and Olave Sebastien; great-grandchildren, Sy Sebastien, Syrae and Symone Welsh, N'Sai and K'Nai Ubiles, Andre Sebastien Godwin, Chase and Mila McCray; special friend, brother and confidant Herbert Lockhart Sr. (deceased) and Corrine Lockhart and family; many nieces, nephews and relatives too numerous to mention; and descendants of the Maduro, Schultbrandt, Francis, Mean, Crooke and Gumbs families.

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Victor Emmanuel Milliner

Services will be held Tuesday for Victor Emmanuel Milliner, who was called home on Sept. 17, 2014.

He was born on Oct. 2, 1962, to Sheila Mitcham Johnson and Elroy "Strongest" Milliner.

The viewing will be at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, with the service at 10 a.m. at the same location.

Interment will be in Western Cemetery No. 1

He is survived by his children, Lukrisha and Victor Milliner Jr.; grandchildren, Jayvon and Atrevious Milliner; sisters, Cheryl Kuntz, Kimrah Connor, Onika Johnson-Badu, Carol and Cynthia Milliner; brothers, Clyde, Eric, Carl, Oswin, Roy and Canroy Milliner; Keryl Connor, Theodore Sealey Milliner, and Sherwin Simeon Milliner; aunts, Agnes, Avril, Ursula and Petronella Thomas, Yvonne Milliner-Bosky, Leona Smith and Orine Christopher and Mona Dennery; uncles, Leon Lake, George and Gabriel Thomas, Leslie Milliner, Malvin and Olanzo Hendrickson; 14 nieces and 14 nephews; godmother, Iris Chinnery; special cousins, Bernadette Melendez, Angela Campbell, Louis Lake and Albert Humphrey Lake; special friends, Ircito Daniel, Dale "Presto" Christian and Donna Henley; other family members and friends, Lakes, Gumbs, Thomas and Brooks families and Charles Electric and staff and the Bethlehem House family.

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Mervin M. Kitnurse Sr.

The family of the late Mervin M. Kitnurse Sr. is saddened to announce his passing on Sept. 25, 2014.

He is survived by his sons, Mervin Kitnurse, III, Mike Kitnurse Sr.; daughter, Monica Kitnurse Banks; brothers, Joseph, Emile, Solomon, and Gilber Kitnurse; sisters, Gwendolyn Kitnurse-Lawrence, Louise Kitnurse-Daniel, and Patricia Kitnurse-Benjamin; grandchildren, Kaya, Kayla, Michaelia, Mike, II, Mike, III, Mervin, III, Lee, Louis and Michelle Banks; great-grandchildren, Alexia and Marcus Garnett, II; and the friends of Pony Parlor and Sebastian Corner.

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